The Original Nonbrowning Apple

Goodbye half-eaten apples

Arctic® apples don’t brown when bitten, sliced or bruised, offering orchard freshness longer. Finally, fresh apple slices that taste like a fresh apple!
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ABout Us

We are passionate about reducing food waste and boosting apple consumption. Founders and growers Neal and Louisa Carter welcome you to learn more about our innovative nonbrowning Arctic® apples.

Our apples

Discover Arctic® apples fresh slices for on the go snacking and convenience. And don’t forget about our Arctic ApBitz® dried apple snacks that have no added ingredients!

Arctic® Golden

Our Arctic® Golden slices are sweet and crunchy.
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Arctic® Granny

Our Arctic® Granny slices are tart and crisp.
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Arctic apbitz®

Fun, fry cut dried apples with a crispy crunch and no added ingredients.
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Nonbrowning = Less Foodwaste = Sustainability

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Finally, fresh apple slices that taste like a fresh apple! Use Arctic® apple slices where you wouldn’t dare before. Try out our savings calculator to see how much you can save by using Arctic® apple slices.
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Arctic® apples’ sustainability story and orchard-fresh slices will resonate with your customers. Plus, you'll notice less shrink as result of our longer shelf life.
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