Whether privately labeled or in Arctic’s dynamic retail packaging, adding fresh apple slices to your retail offerings can enhance both your brand and bottom line.

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Freshen Things Up

Arctic apples bring an exciting dynamic to retail shelves. They make the perfect grab ’n go snack for any demographic — sweet enough to be a treat for kids or adults, but with the nutrition, fiber, and prebiotics that other snacks typically don’t have.

And our longer shelf life means less shrink and more turns.

Packaging That Stands Out

Single & Multi-Serving Retail Sizes

Our packaging is as eye-catching as our apples are mouth-watering. Choose between our multi-serving 40 oz and 20 oz options or a handy 2 oz snack size.

One apple = approx. 5 oz or 10 slices

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Know Your Grower

With Arctic, you can tell customers you not only “know the grower” but know how Arctic apples were created to help minimize food waste from the orchard to their homes.

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agree that apples make a dish healthier

Delicious Cuts Without the Cutting

Now you can serve fresh, healthy produce without the hassles and risks of knifework. Arctic apples are available ready-to-eat in three cuts…


The cut that started it all.
Popular as a side,
topper, or in fruit cups.

Half Slices

Ideal for smaller hands,
appetizers, grazing boards, and
a wide range of desserts.


Great for salads, pies and
crumbles, and as an integrated
ingredient in entrees.

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