Arctic® apples have a great story to tell - from the inception of Arctic® apples to how our apples offer a sustainable solution to less food waste throughout the supply chain. We look forward to hearing from you!

For media members that would like to reach out to our team, please email us at or call 509-396-2834. To learn more about our company and how we developed Arctic® apples, or for a copy of our current media kit, please visit our corporate website at


Arctic® Apples videos

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“The shelf life was amazing. The slices looked and tasted fresh.”
Jane Doe
Tastes like an apple that I sliced at home!
Jane Doe
“I bought them for a road trip and they were gone before we got out of town.”
Jane Doe
“I tried juicing Arctic Granny slices. I didn’t have to add anything or do anything special - the juice doesn’t brown!”
Jane Doe
“I would buy them again. Juicy and crunchy.”
Jane Doe
“I added them to my charcuterie board and they didn’t brown. Tasted great with cheeses and wine.”
Jane Doe

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