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If you can dream it, Arctic apples can help you create it. Only Arctic apples stand up to the challenges of the professional culinary kitchen with more fresh flavor, no flavor transfer, and a 28-day shelf life.

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The Chef’s Apple

The Arctic apple features traits — starting with outstanding fresh flavor — that chefs say are critical to running a successful kitchen:


  • Orchard-fresh flavor and crunch lasts up to 28 days
  • Available in slices, dices, and custom cuts
  • Reduce prep time and labor costs at every step
  • Longer holding times on the line

Pre-sliced apples save precious space and endless worker hours because they require no prep at all. Simply open a bag and use as you would a freshly-sliced apple. Place unused apples in the refrigerator for later use – still with no browning. No mess, no special equipment, no knifework — and better flavor.

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Recipes & Inspiration

Browse our recipe section to find dozens of ideas for classic dishes and innovative, new favorites featuring Arctic apples.

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agree that apples make a dish healthier

Delicious Cuts Without the Cutting

Now you can serve fresh, healthy produce without the hassles and risks of knifework.
Arctic apples are available, ready to eat, in two cuts, and also available in custom cuts.


The cut that started it all.
Popular as a side,
topper, or in fruit cups.


Great for salads, pies and
crumbles, and as an integrated
ingredient in entrees.

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