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Fast. Fresh. Healthy. Increasingly, that’s what convenience store customers are seeking. And that’s what Arctic delivers — along with reduced shrink, strong margins, and wide-ranging availability.

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Grab‘n Go That’s Grabbed’n Gone

Give your customers and your accountant what they want.
Customers get a fresh, convenient snack option.
Accountants see less shrink and better sell-through.

Here’s why C-store customers say Arctic apples work for them:

  • Better margins, faster turns, repeat purchases
  • Reinforces the commitment to customer health
  • Fresh produce attracts higher income customers

A Produce Program that Works

Because Arctic apples stay fresh and resist browning, they last longer in storage, on the shelf, and in transport. This makes planning and ordering simple.

No need to adjust your workflow. No need for specialized storage. And no need for out-of-cycle ordering.

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Bulk or Packaged

Arctic apples are available in bulk, multi-serving, and single-serving sizes. Package bulk fresh slices with caramel or add value to any fruit cup. Or sell multi-serving or single-serving bags as the ideal grab ‘n go snack.

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reduction in shrink

Delicious Cuts Without the Cutting

Now you can serve fresh, healthy produce without the hassles and risks of knifework.

Arctic apples are available pre-sliced and ready to eat. 


The cut that started it all.
Popular as a side,
topper, or in fruit cups.

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