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Foodservice in an educational environment presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities. Arctic apples can help you keep diners — and your staff — happy.


The Smart Choice

Arctic apples make running a K-12 or C&U kitchen simpler. Our convenient pre-sliced or diced fruit reduces labor and waste. And the easy to store and handle packaging makes it effortless for students to get the nutrition they need.

Because apples are America’s favorite fruit, Arctic apples can expand and diversify your menu for breakfast, snacks, or lunch with no complicated ordering process.

Kids ♥ Slices

A study by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine confirmed what most parents already know: kids eat more apples when they’re sliced. The study showed that apple sales increased by an average of 61% in schools where the fruit was sliced. 

The obvious benefit of this is that sliced apples are one of the easiest ways to get students to consume their five-a-day. Plus, sliced apples can contribute to less food waste and greater sustainability in your meal program.

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Use Your Creativity to Create Value

Chefs and operators say that Arctic apple fresh slices help them enhance their menus without any added hassle.

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agree that apples make a dish healthier

Delicious Cuts Without the Cutting

Now you can serve fresh, healthy produce without the hassles and risks of knifework. Arctic apples ready-to-eat and available in three cuts…


The cut that started it all. Popular as a side,
topper, or in fruit cups.

Half Slices

Ideal for smaller hands,
appetizers, grazing boards, and
a wide range of desserts.


Great for salads, pies and
crumbles, and as an integrated
ingredient in entrees.

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