Arctic® apples will reinvigorate your sliced apple category. You’ll see more movement as consumers realize they can have fresh apple slices that taste like a fresh apple!

Why Choose arctic® apples?

Produce Aisle

You’ll be able to tell your customers that you not only “know the grower” but that Arctic® apples were created to help minimize food waste from the orchard to the store. Arctic® apples’ longer shelf life means fewer discarded apples, minimizing waste throughout the supply chain. The 28-day shelf life will provide less shrink for you and your customer.

Grab 'N Go Solutions

The options are limitless as to where you can include Arctic® apple fresh slices. Arctic® apples are an easy addition to a pre-packaged tray or as a creative ingredient to a prepared salad or meal. Need inspiration? Check out our foodservice section.

Arctic® Fresh slices

Both Arctic® Granny and Arctic® Golden varieties are available in 5 oz., 10 oz. and 40 oz. packages.
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Better Eating

  • Just picked look and flavor
  • Crunchy and delicious
  • Packable - snackable - 100% irresistible

Convenient & Contact Free Packaging

  • Fresh cut in Grab ‘N Go bag
  • Ready to eat
  • Reduce prep time for favorite recipes

Shelf Life

  • Less shrink at store-level
  • Less food waste at home

Grab 'N Go Solutions

Because Arctic® apple slices have a longer shelf life, they are perfect for fruit cups and trays and do not require additional preservatives during preparation or pre-packaging. Use our 40 oz. foodservice package available in both varieties.
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Arctic® apples can easily be paired or displayed with other food or drinks such as nuts, cheese and wine - or whatever you can think of!

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