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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are The Origins of Arctic® Apples?

Arctic® Apples was founded by longtime apple and cherry growers Neal and Louisa Carter in 1996. While working on agricultural projects around the globe, Neal became passionate about the need to improve food systems and reduce food waste. When he later learned that apple consumption in the U.S. was declining, he saw a practical opportunity to help by creating the world’s most delicious and nutritious snack apple. After more than a decade of research and breeding in the couple’s Okanagan Valley orchards, the Arctic® apple was born.

How Do Arctic® Apples Stay Fresher, Longer?

Most apples begin browning within minutes of the apple being bitten, sliced or bruised. This is because the damage causes an enzyme called polyphenol oxidase (PPO) to react with the fruit’s phenolic content. This results in a brown-toned melanin that stains the fruit and consumes the fruit’s Vitamin C and antioxidant content. Arctic apples do not release this enzyme, allowing the apples to maintain their natural flavor, appearance and nutrition.

What are The Benefits of Arctic® Apples?

There are numerous benefits Arctic® apples can offer to consumers and the rest of the supply chain:

1) Superior Flavor: Arctic® apple slices are known for their home-sliced taste.

2) Extended Shelf Life: Arctic® apples fresh slices retain their orchard-freshness with a 28-day shelf life compared with the 18-21 day industry average; reducing waste at retail, foodservice establishments and home.

3) Supply Chain: Because Arctic® apples stay fresher longer, less fruit is wasted during harvest, packing, processing and shipping, so more high-quality apples reach consumers.

4) Retailers: Arctic® apple slices are the perfect option for consumers, who increasingly seek healthy, ready-to-eat snacks. Our contact-free, grab ‘n go packaging makes it easier than ever to eat on the run, without sacrificing nutrition or taste. The longer shelf life of Arctic® apples reduces retailer’s shrink.

5) Foodservice: Arctic® apples offer “Less Prep, Less Waste, Better Taste.” Arctic® apples are pre-sliced to reduce labor. That leaves operators time to focus on new menu opportunities where apples are not generally used, such as in salads, charcuterie boards or whatever else can be imagined!

How Do Arctic® Apples Taste?

In a word: delicious! Our Arctic® Golden slices are sweet and crunchy, while our Arctic® Granny variety is tart and crisp. Customers say that they are the best-tasting sliced apples they’ve had in years.

Where are Arctic® Apples Grown?

All Arctic® apples are grown in Washington state.

When Will Arctic® Apples Be Available?

There are two Arctic apple varieties currently available for purchase: Arctic® Golden and Arctic® Granny. Both are available in fresh, ready-to-eat slices in 2 oz., 5 oz., 10 oz., & 40 oz. bags.

  • Arctic apple fresh slices are available now on Amazon Fresh. Click here to see locations near you.
  • Arctic ApBitz® dried apple snacks are also available. The fry-cut ApBitz snacks came from OSF’s desire to reduce waste and use all of the Arctic apples regardless of size or shape.
  • In the fall of 2022 Arctic® Fuji will be introduced.

How Will I Be Able To Find And Identify Arctic® Apples?

Arctic apples can be identified with our name and logo on the package. Arctic apple fresh slices are sold in the U.S. & Canada.

You can find out where to buy our apples by using our Contact Us page on our website or, if you can’t find them where you shop, download the Product Request Form and provide it to the Produce Manager of your local retailer.

Where Can I Buy Arctic® Apples?

Arctic® Golden and Arctic® Granny fresh slices are now available on Amazon Fresh. Click here to see locations near you or visit our Amazon Fresh page by clicking here.

What Varieties Are Arctic Apples® Available In?

Currently, you can enjoy Arctic® Golden and Arctic® Granny varieties, with Arctic® Fuji scheduled to hit retailers next year.

How Are Arctic Apples® Made?

Arctic® apples are grown in our orchards in Washington state, America’s preeminent apple-growing region. After harvest, the apples are graded in Washington state and then sent to our slicing facility in Idaho. From there, bags of our delicious and ready-to-eat apple slices are shipped across the United States and Canada.

Are Arctic Apples® Good?

Yes! Many customers say that tasting an Arctic® apple reminds them of the apples of their youth — fresh and flavorful without a mealy texture. In other words, Arctic® apples aren’t just good, they’re delicious.

Who Makes Arctic Apples®?

Arctic® apples are developed and grown by Okanagan Specialty Fruits Inc. based in Summerland, Canada.

If Arctic Apples® Don’t Brown, How Can I Tell If They’re Old Or Damaged?

Arctic® apples are not immune to browning. Arctic® apples don’t produce enough of the necessary enzyme to cause oxidative browning. The type of browning Arctic apples do resist — enzymatic browning — is different from the discoloration that results when rotting from fungal or bacterial infections, so Arctic fruit will decompose like other apples. This makes it easier to tell when an apple is “bad.” Superficial damage that does not affect the quality of the fruit, such as minor bruising, won’t show on Arctic apples. Arctic apples look fresh unless there is significant damage, like when the apple is starting to rot, when the apple probably shouldn’t be eaten.