The Chef’s Apples

If you can dream it, Arctic apple can help you create it. Only Arctic apples stand up to the challenges of the professional culinary kitchen.


  • Orchard-fresh flavor and appearance lasts up to 28 days
  • Available in pre-sliced dices, slices, half-slices, and custom cuts
  • Reduce prep time and labor costs at every step
  • Longer holding times under warming lamps and on the line

Try Arctic apples for yourself

Customers Love Apples. Chef’s Love Arctic.

A recent patron survey found that…
  • 96% agree that apples make a dish healthier
  • 87% believe that apples make a dish more appealing
  • 76% of people asked wish more menu items included apples

Add fresh fruit easily & affordably

Reduce labor at every step

Predictable supply — and results


The Arctic culinary team is happy to discuss menuing ideas, logistics, nutrition, and more. 
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