3 Tips to Reduce Your Turkey Day Food Waste

We have you covered on the tips and tricks to help you reduce your food waste this holiday season. With our no-apple-left-behind mentality, you can rest assured that our non browning Arctic® apples stay fresh for longer and are the key to crave-worthy leftovers.

Sandwich It! 

What could be better than sandwiching crisp apples between slices of turkey and gooey-melted cheese? When you need to get creative with all that leftover bird, look no further than our Arctic® Apple Turkey Panini. By encompassing all the best flavors of Thanksgiving into one, this sweet and savory combo is a leftover mashup that the whole family will look forward to! Pro tip: add a little leftover cranberry sauce too!


Bring It Back With a Little Butter

There’s nothing a little butter can’t fix! Reconsider tossing out that leftover bread by turning that few-day old baguette into mouth watering Lemon Ricotta Apple Crostinis by freshening the bread back up with some butter and a quick toast in the oven. Layered with a tangy ricotta smear and sweet Arctic® Golden slices, this buttery crostini makes for the perfect appetizer or afternoon snack.


Use the Scraps to Flavor Infuse

Keep warm this holiday season with a cup of our quick spiced rum! Loaded with delicious fall spices, Hot Buttered Rum makes excellent use of those leftover orange peels and Arctic® apple slices. Impress your guests this holiday season, as you take fragrant comfort cocktails to the next level! Plus, it will make the whole house smell warm and inviting!


What are your tips and tricks for reducing food waste? Leave us a comment below and check out this video to learn more about how our apples stay fresh. 

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