Boo-tiful Halloween Kids Food Crafts

October 5, 2020

Forget bobbing for apples this year...just reach for the ready-to-go slices instead! These “scary delicious” apple snacks are full of both creativity and simple ingredients. Enjoy the spooky season with your friends and family by giving these fun-to-make boo-tiful snacks a try.

Apple Peanut Butter Teeth | Fun Easy Kid's Snack

We can’t think of a tastier duo than apples and peanut butter! Plus, this is a sweet, crunchy craft that the kids will love. When getting into the Halloween spirit, Mom Foodie sandwiches her favorite nut or seed butter and mini marshmallows between two apple slices to guarantee big smiles for everyone.


Arctic® Apples Caramel Apple Nachos

We all love caramel apples, but let’s face it- they’re near impossible to eat! Instead of making a mess trying to cut a whole one, use Arctic® apple slices to create a kid-friendly treat that everyone can easily grab. Add some festive Halloween sprinkles and these caramel dipped apple slices will become a tradition the whole family will get behind!


Mummy Apple Crypts | Home & Plate

Satisfy those apple pie cravings with playful mummy monsters. Home and Plate created these easy to make Mummy Apple Crypts, a perfect treat for Halloween entertaining or as a playful after school snack. Recruit your little bakers to wrap puff pastry around sliced cinnamon apples, and thank us later when your kitchen fills with the irresistible aroma of baked apples and spices! 


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