Healthy Snacks in 5 Minutes or Less

October 5, 2020

You’re running out the door again when you realize your stomach is empty, so you reach into the pantry to grab a handful of chips or a sugary granola bar knowing that it will leave you feeling worse in no time. What if, in just a few minutes, you could have a snack that will taste good and stay with you longer? Try these snacks in a pinch made possible by our sliced apples that stay fresh and ready for those hunger emergencies. 

The perfect trio: protein, fat, and fruit! 

The perfect snack combo is one that leaves your blood sugar stable. Adding protein and fat alongside fruit ensures that it stays with you longer. Our favorite combos include:

Arctic® Golden slices + white cheddar + cashews

Arctic® Granny slices + peanuts + dark chocolate

Arctic® Golden slices + greek yogurt + almonds

Arctic® Granny slices + cottage cheese + pumpkin seeds


Dunk in a Dip

Arctic® Apple and Pumpkin Spice Dip

Pumpkin spice and everything nice! Dips are one of the easiest snacks to transport along with your Arctic® apple slices. If you’re getting bored of your usual fruit dip, try out our pumpkin spice version. This quick ‘n easy dip not only pairs well with a (time) crunch, but it provides a boost or protein from the vanilla Greek yogurt. Just stir together a few ingredients, put in a small sealable to-go container, and grab a bag of apples for the perfect handheld snack.


Sip Your Snack

If you’re really looking for efficiency, grab a to-go cup and blend up a quick smoothie or juice. Keep freezer bags stocked with your favorite pre-portioned fruits or veggies, add a few apple slices for sweetness, toss in the blender, and go! Here’s one of our favorite frozen concoctions: 


Frozen Arctic® Appleade

6 ingredients in 5 minutes, you’ve got yourself an appleade that’ll help freshen up your day and provide a boost of filling fiber. Fuel up for the day ahead or cool down after a day well spent- without the sugar crash. 

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