Arctic® Recipe Roundup

August 11, 2020

Loving our recipes? We’re making it super easy to find your favorites with this recipe roundup, just in time for holiday cooking your family and friends are sure to appreciate.

  • Arctic® Apple and Pumpkin Spice Dip

    If you’re looking to make a delicious and healthy snack to help offset all that candy, this Arctic Apple and Pumpkin Spice Dip recipe is just what the dentist ordered. Plus, if you make the pumpkin puree from scratch it ensures that all those pumpkins on your door step won’t go to waste.

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  • Arctic® Apple Martini

    Optional add-ons: Vermouth, Apple Schnapps or Calvados. Use light rum instead of Vodka, or sweet or sour mix can be added before shaking

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  • Arctic® Apple Long Island Iced Tea

    Add triple sec, white rum, gin, vodka and apple sicer to shaker. Shake for 20 – 30 seconds Strain equally into 2 glasses filed with ice. Top each with 1 oz lemon lime soda. Garnish with Arctic® apple slices and a straw (paper please).

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  • Arctic® Granny Apple Smoothie

    Ice cubes, Honey, agave or maple syrup of you like your smoothies a bit more on the sweet side, Greek yogurt or protein powder, Baby spinach leaves to get those veggies in, Flax or chia seeds, Pineapple for some sweetness or Lemon juice for some tartness.

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  • Cauliflower and Arctic® Granny Soup

    Nothing warms the soul more than a creamy bowl of soup after a day of being out in the crisp, cool air. Soups are a great way to incorporate some extra fruits and veggies into your diet, along with some unexpected but delicious flavours.

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  • Plant-Based Arctic® Golden Burger

    A delicious burger is a delight that’s easy to make. This Plant-Based Arctic® Golden Burger provides a fun twist on the beloved burger. These delicious ingredients provide sustainable alternatives to the traditional meat-based burger.

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